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It's Often Not The Spot That Hurts That's The Problem

Many other pain relief modalities treat the spot of the pain, but that doesn't always fix the cause of the pain. Often there's something not working right somewhere else in the body causing an imbalance in the muscular system that is causing the discomfort.

  • Sore Back?

  • Chronic pain experienced in your back can often be a result of other muscles like the gluteus maximus (a butt muscle) or the transverse adominis (core muscle) not working as well as they should, and then the core is off balance and it causes irritation around the spine or SI joints (low back).

  • Knee Pain?

  • Chronic knee pain (even years after surgeries) can be caused by different muscles in the upper leg or lower leg not working well, or compensating for other muscles not working well. This causes improper torque on the knees causing pain.

  • Neck Pain And/Or Headaches?

  • Chronic headaches, sore and tight neck muscles, or forward shoulder can all be caused by muscles of your chest, neck, shoulders, and back improperly firing. Simple corrections can make instant relief.

  • Shoulder Pain?

  • Very similar muscle imbalances that cause the headaches and neck pain can cause shoulder pains too. Even muscle imbalances in the hand and wrist can cause shoulder pain, and vice versa!

    All These Different Pains Can Be Effortlessly Removed With Neurokinetic Therapy

    With Neurokinetic Therapy, I can relieve your pain by finding the muscle imbalances that are causing your pain, and giving you quick and simple corrective exercises to do that will make the pain go away permanently!

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    What Is NeuroKinetic Therapy?

    Technical Explanation

    NeuroKinetic Therapy┬« corrective movement system, is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root in the motor control center in the cerebellum. The motor control center stores these patterns and directs their completion through the spinal cord and the muscles. The motor control center learns through failure. Website: https://neurokinetictherapy.com/

    Who am I?

    Steve Gronick

    B. of Kinesiology, Level 3 Certified NeuroKinetic Therapist 

    For 16 years I have been fascinated with how the human body moves and how to improve it. Not just for me, but to allow me to help others enjoy the activities that make them happy too.

    In 2011, I discovered NeuroKinetic Therapy. I was looking for a way to help my own back pain, and once I learned the power of this therapy I knew I had to help others relieve their chronic pain without medications, injections, surgery, or long term treatment plans.

    Most of the people I helped get out of pain with NeuroKinetic Therapy have only needed 3 sessions or less!


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