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It's An Evolution In Fitness Training

XBody Training: Reshaping your body with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). EMS is the stimulation of muscles through electrodes on the skin. The electrical impulse are the same as what your brain sends to your muscles and the muscles cannot differentiate between the two. This allows the XBody suit to train all of your muscles in a shorter period of time safely and very effectively.

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Here's How XBody (EMS) Training Can Help You:

You Can Do Whole Body Workouts Even If You Have An Injury...

When you are using the XBody suit, it is not necessary to move your joints in order to workout a muscle. The suit sends the same signal to your muscles that your brain does to have them contract and this allows you to get more muscle work in with less reps and movement of an injured joint. This greatly reduces the risk of re-aggravating your injury.

Have A 90 Minute Workout In Only 20 Minutes... 

In a traditional workout, you are exercising only the group of muscles that are used to do a specific exercise. An example is when you are squatting you are mainly only using your leg muscles. With the XBody suit, you are not only using even more muscle fibres of your leg muscles, but you are also working every other muscle group in your body. The suit stimulates all the major muscle groups throughout the entire workout!

Add XBody To Your Routine To Increase The Results...

You can add XBody training to your fitness routine to step up your results in less amount of time and less risk of injury. You will notice a sizeable difference by just adding one 20 minute session per week.

Cross Training/Injury Prevention For Athletes

Continuously moving your body in the same motions in athletics can often cause imbalances and injuries. XBody training provides a safe way to increase your abilities and reduce your chances of injury by strengthening your whole body with less time under stress. 

Learn To Activate The Muscles You Couldn't Before...

Have you ever tried to workout a particular muscle or you had a coach say you should feel an exercise in a certain area, but for the life of you, you just don't feel it? The XBody suit will activate that muscle for you so you can feel what it's supposed to feel like and then you can better connect to it yourself. 

Don't Have Time To Workout? Burn Fat And Build Muscle In Far Less Time...

Because you get so much more calorie burning during and the days following from each and every workout, you only need to do 2 workouts per week. The reasons are because you are working your whole body longer each session but in less time, and the recovery time after the workout burns calories for days after.

Are You Ready To Experience The XBody Training Difference?

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